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Houston, TX 77048
ph: 713-776-3266
fax: 713-734-3267
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• Hair Nutrition and
  Toxic Metals

• Urine Toxics and
   Essential Metals

• Whole Blood
   Elements and Toxic 

• Water Analysis-
 (AAMI, R.O., Tap)

• Dialysate Panels

• Electrolytes
   (Blood, etc.)

• Drug of Abuse - Hair and Urine Samples

• Theraputic Drugs



Express BioMed's billing policy is set up to meet the needs of various customer classifications.

Currently we bill in the following manner: 

Client: Physicians, clinics, healthcare and commercial accounts are invoiced monthly.

Patient: Direct patient billing is available at time of service with complete patient information is provided including name, full address, and telephone number.

Medicare and Medicaid:             If the patient is covered by Medicare or Medicaid mark the requisition form accordingly. Include the patient name, date of birth, and Medicare or Medicaid number with complete address and telephone number.

Managed Care, Private Insurance or Workers Compensation:                       Includes complete patient information, policy number, contact numbers and any additional insurance information.

Please contact us 713-776-3266 at any time with any billing questions.









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