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• Hair Nutrition and
  Toxic Metals

• Urine Toxics and
   Essential Metals

• Whole Blood
   Elements and Toxic 

• Water Analysis-
 (AAMI, R.O., Tap)

• Dialysate Panels

• Electrolytes
   (Blood, etc.)

• Drug Abuse - Hair and Urine Samples

• Theraputic Drugs



Express BioMed, LLC (EBM Labs), is a physician referral, independent laboratory established in the State of Texas, USA. It is operated by a Ph.D chemist and a Ph.D clinical chemist with combined experience of 70 years in the analytical chemical field at various medical colleges, universities and research and development institutions in the USA and abroad.

Express BioMed specializes in analysis of biological and industrial samples for a variety of clients including hospitals, medical clinics, physicians, R&D organizations, universities and medical institutions, as well as industrial and Government entities.




Our staff of professional, technical and support personnel are committed to provide the highest quality clinical laboratory testing services in the region. We utilize quality control samples, proficiency testing and quality assurance monitoring combined with professional oversight and review to ensure a quality result every time. Our laboratory utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and techniques.





Express BioMed Laboratory employs chemists, biologists, medical technologists and toxicologists to perform the diverse analytical functions for our client base.

Express BioMed Laboratory provides comprehensive clinical laboratory services to our clients seven days a week from the basic routine procedures to the more complex life saving medical testing procedures.

Because of its centraized location and proximity to the Medical Center, Express Bio Med can provide custom, same day service for certain tests to Houston clients requiring a true, high speed, accurate result for special conditions. 



Express BioMed Laboratory participates in numerous quality assurance and proficiency testing programs with appropriate state and federal certifications.

Express BioMed Laboratory is a certified, minority owned small business corporation.


Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Express BioMed Laboratory has an extensive Quality Assurance program. Our program constantly monitors for precision, accuracy and detection of limits of our analytical measurements. To achieve continual quality improvement, Express BioMed Laboratory implements a system of quality control, data review, audits, and proficiency testing.

Quality control samples are retained to monitor the precision and accuracy of results including:

  • Calibration Verification Programs
  • Calibration Monitoring Standards
  • Preparation Blanks
  • Laboratory controls and Reference Materials
  • Blind Samples
  • Instrument Maintenance Records



We welcome research proposals and seek collaboration with strong clinical practitioners who are equally committed to improving health and advancing basic knowledge of element function and metabolism.

The scope of our research interest is vast and includes special analysis of toxic and essential elements. Specimens vary from foods and specimens to tissue from humans. Our primary research goal is to bring greater awareness of the function of elements in clinical biochemistry and medicine.


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